World PoohSticks Championships
In the Media 2015

In the Media 2015

2015 was a big year for Pooh Sticks. We decided to launch the search for a new venue in mid-January and tied it in with Winnie the Pooh Day which is held on 18 January each year, the anniversary of the birth of AA Milne who wrote the Winnie the Pooh books. And of course, there was the World Pooh Sticks Championships on Sunday 7th June 2015. Here are a selection of media releases from 2015.


Source: ITN Meridian News 7th June 2015

Source: ITV Meridian: Poohsticks tournament on the look out for new home

Many thanks to ITV Meridian News and David Cameron for this Pooh Sticks mention.


Many thanks to Rotarians Lesley Adams, Debs Axtell, Deb Hoffman and Karen Eveleigh for giving these radio interviews.

Jeremy Vine and Steven Blantz on BBC Radio 2: 8th June 2015

Clare Balding on BBC Radio 2: 7th June 2015

Deb Hoffman interview on BBC Radio Oxford with Tim Smith: 6th June 2015

Clare Balding on BBC Radio 2: 18th January 2015

BBC Radio Berkshire: 12th January 2015

BBC Radio Berkshire: 18th January 2015

BBC Radio Oxford: 18th January 2015

BBC Radio Wales: 12th January 2015

BBC Radio Warwickshire: 18th January 2015

Online Articles

The Oxford Times: Fan’s visit to ‘land of Winnie the Pooh’ dream come true (8th June 2015)
World Pooh Sticks Championships: How AA Milne-inspired competition can be a cruel game (8th June 2015)
International line-up at the Poohsticks world championships (7th June 2015 )


The Independent 8th June 2015 (PDF)
Oxford Mail 8th Jan 2015 (Word Doc)
Independent 9th Jan 2015 (PDF)
Independent 9th Jan 2015 (Word doc)
Daily Express 11th Jan 2015 (Word Doc)
Oxfordshire Guardian 12th Jan 2015 (Word Doc)
Oxford Mail 16th Feb 2015 (PDF)
Herald 18th Feb 2015 (PDF)
Witney Gazette 18th Feb 2015 (PDF)
Oxford Guardian 19th Feb 2015 (PDF)
Oxford Times 19th Feb 2015 (PDF)