A lovely Poohsticks Day to celebrate 35 years of the beautiful game
A lovely Poohsticks Day to celebrate 35 years of the beautiful game

A lovely Poohsticks Day to celebrate 35 years of the beautiful game

It was a day that would have made Pooh Bear and Friends smile. The sun was shining, there were lots of families and friends and people were competing in the World Poohsticks Championships, which has now happened for 35 years.

On the day there were several hundred people attending the event that happened at the lovely Langel Common in Witney. There was so much to do! There were classic fete games, a bouncy castle, a chance to learn about Shelterbox and Rotary Foundation, magic tricks provided by Activeyes and children could make their own rope, which was provided by the fantastic Lonnie Boggs from WizardCrafts.

And of course there was live music provided by the Witney Music Festival team. The air was filled with the musical sounds of talented musicians including Lefty.

The new World Champion is Ines from Oxford. He was closely followed in the grand final by Sacha from Washington, USA and Toby from Witney. They received their rosettes, certificates, badges, books and Whitley Stimpson goodie bags.

The 2018 team champions are Kids R Us from Beaconsfield, who beat Team Sticky Poohs from Witney and Team Highly Trained Ducks from Oxford.

Pooh Bear and Tigger bounced, skipped and hopped around the site, entertaining visitors and joining in with the games.

Thank you all so much for making this yet again such a fun and fantastic event! Thanks to all the volunteers, the stallholders, the sponsors, the performers and especially to all our visitors and players. We would like to give special thanks to The Air Training Cadets, The Scouts, The Guides, and members of Oxford Rotaract and 7 Rotary Clubs from the area. And of course our friends and family of members of Oxford Spires Rotary.

See you again in 2019!

Photographs are used with permission from photographers Lesley Adams and Anthony Morris.

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