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In the media 2014

In the media 2014

We have had some great publicity over the last few years.

The ultimate has to be Matt’s cartoon in The Telegraph on 2nd February 2014. And not only that, but the cartoon was also mentioned on Radio 4’s Today Programme!!

We have asked Christopher Robin, Pooh and Piglet for their official response. Please see this below.


Well it was very exciting to see that Matt was so concerned about our friends in the Hundred Acre Wood that he put their picture in The Telegraph on 2nd February. I wrote to Pooh and Piglet and Christopher Robin to ask what they thought of their latest portrait. Now we all know that their friend Owl is the best at reading and writing, so he helped them to reply to me:

Dear Karen,

The atmospheric conditions have been very unfavourable lately. It has been raining. The flood-level has reached an unprecedented height.

Pooh has asked me to remind you that when it was like this before he used an empty jar of honey as a boat to reach Christopher Robin, and then he and Christopher Robin used an umbrella as a boat to rescue Piglet. They worry about the people in the country who have wet houses and Pooh hopes that they are able to rescue their jars of honey before the water level gets too high.

Please say thank you to Matt for the very good picture of us, but please tell him that we are absolutely very very certain that it will be sunny every day for the next six weeks so that everyone will be able to play Pooh Sticks at Day’s Lock in Little Wittenham. We are going to cross our fingers and our toes and our ears and our tails and hope and hope and hope that the river goes down.

Yours sincerely,

Owl, Pooh, Christopher Robin and Piglet

Karen – 16th February 2014

Inspired by (and a little bit copied from) Chapter Nine of Winnie the Pooh “In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water” by A. A. Milne