World PoohSticks Championships
In the media 2011

In the media 2011

We had a great April Fools item in the Oxford Mail  – and not everyone realised what was happening!

PS 2011 special editions

April 2011: There was uproar in the Oxford Mail when it was declared unsafe to use wooden sticks! That was the 1st April though.

March 2011: RADIO 2 – We were mentioned by Steve Wright and Graham Norton TWICE and Karen was interviewed by Simon Mayo after the event!

March 2011: We appeared on the BBC Oxford website within hours of announcing our winners!

March 2011: We were in the Wallingford Herald in advance of the 2011 competition.


March 2011: And there were some great photos in the Wallingford Herald on the Wednesday after the championships. See the file at the foot of the page.