World PoohSticks Championships
2010 Championships

2010 Championships

Oxford Spires Rotary Club’s second year since taking over from Sinodun Rotary in the organisation of Pooh Sticks, and unfortunately it was preceded by heavy rainfall which resulted in the river flowing too high and too fast. The Environment Agency airing on the side of caution decided that unfortunately it was not safe for our safety boats (and poohstick chasers) to enter the river which meant for only the second time in 25 years we had to cancel.

Not to let it get the better of us, we ran a few stands and even had Pooh Bear (thanks to Pippa Wheeler of High Wycombe Rotaract Club) and Tigger (thanks to our own Naomi Barnes one of the organisers of the day) to entertain those few people who came along to play despite the cancellation. The village joined in too and continued their tea and cake stand outside the local church (one of our beneficiaries of the event).

“On a personal note, it is amazing how much energy simply putting on that Tigger outfit gives you, and I managed to bounce around for most of the morning and have my picture taken with many children and adults alike along with Pooh Bear. I may even dare to wear it again.” Naomi B

We at Oxford Spires will not let anything get us down and we managed to have a great day. Thanks to the few stands, the help of the church members, a High Wycombe Rotaract group and our many sponsors who are detailed on the Pooh Sticks website we managed to break even on the day. Hopefully, next year we will be back on form raising money for RNLI, local charities and the village church.