World PoohSticks Championships
Have your say – Stories and Poems

Have your say – Stories and Poems

In previous Poohsticks Championships, a Pooh’s Poetry Corner has snuck in, next to the jars of “hunny”. You may find a Poetry Corner at Pooh Sticks on 28th May the year, but if you can’t wait until then, then why not send us something to add to our webpage? Or if you want to find inspiration for your own contributions on the day, then read on…

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W the P (David)

“Autumn is coming” said Piglet to Pooh,
“And summer has been such a blast,
Let’s practise our Pooh Sticks and see how we do … The river’s not running too fast.”

So they gathered their friends and went down to the river
With handfuls of Pooh Sticks for fun
And you’ll see them there practising, all of a quiver,
Till summer is finally done.

So come down and join them and see if your skill
Can match that of Piglet and Pooh
It will be a good day and raise lots of good will
And you’ll surely be glad if you do!

Sue Tomkins, September 2013, on Facebook

The rain fell in torrents, from mountain to shore,
The river ran wild, as never before.
“If this doesn’t stop” said Pooh to Eeyore,
“we’ll have no chance to play, it’s a quarter to four”.

“Play what?” grumbled Eeyore who, truth to be told,
was losing his tail, and getting quite old.
“Oh, Eeyore, dear Eeyore, please get with the beat,
A day without Pooh Sticks is a day incomplete”.

“Oh those” said his friend, looking down in the mouth
“When I throw mine in north, they always go south”.
“Why, yes” agreed Pooh “that’s the name of the game,
The current will take them, they’ll all do the same”.

Eeyore scratched his nose, and pondered a while,
Concluding, at last, that he lacked skill and guile,
When all of a sudden, with a mighty great leap,
Along bounced a Tigger, and all fell in a heap.

“Oh Tigger, be careful” the friends said as one,
“One moment you’re here, the next you are gone,
What is it you want, dear stripey old friend,
For you’re driving the rest of us quite round the bend!”

“I’m here for the Pooh Sticks, Poohey old pal,
You know that I’ll win it, you know that I shall,
I’m the best with a stick, I drop them quite proudly,
Of all of our gang, I drop them most loudly!”

“Well, that is for sure” squeaked Piglet, who thought
That Tigger did not always drop when he ought,
“But the problem is this, my dear springy friend;
it seems that this rain is unlikely to end”.

“Oh bother” said Pooh, “I think you’re quite right,
We’d better postpone to a less soggy night,
Let’s try in October, when summer is done,
Pooh sticks in the Autumn are just as much fun”.

“That’s settled, then” chirped in a voice they all knew,
T’was Christopher Robin addressing the crew,
“I’ll talk to the Rotary, fix a new date!
October would do, if that’s not too late”.

And so it was settled, and all gave a sigh,
Their Pooh Sticks could wait until summer went by,
Pooh Bear was most happy, he thought it quite funny,
That now he had MONTHS to dig into his honey!
Mark Beaumont, April 2013 on Facebook

Piglet an Pooh went down to the stream, to play pooh sticks and live the dream, Piglet’s came first and he screamed with delight whilst Pooh was upset for the rest of the night…..

Andy Steed, April 2013 on Facebook

“I’ve been thinking” said Pooh, “and what I’ve been thinking about is this. I’ve been thinking about the weather.”
“What about the weather?” said Eeyore
“Well, it has nowhere to live. You have a house, and I have a house, and they are very good houses, but poor weather has nothing. So what I’ve been thinking is, let’s build him a house. A very vain house which should satisfy his image,” said Pooh,
“I’ve heard of a weather vane but not of a weather vane house” said Eeyore.
“Weather causes problems” said Eeyore
“He has always caused problems” said Pooh “but we could lock him in” said Pooh triumphantly, “then Oxford Spires Rotary Club would have had no need to cancel the Championships at Day’s Lock.”

Pam E, March 2013. – from near Hartfield, East Sussex – true Pooh Country, and Inner Wheel District 12.